Pacific Cambria University Affianced Online Learning Environment

During the past few years, online education has been emerging as the evolution of learning methods and techniques. Nowadays, people divert automatically towards online education because of their busy lives. Online Education offers educational services to the potential students at their convenience regardless of their geographical barriers. The prospective students who are bound to their family or work commitments can avail the opportunity of acquiring higher education which will influence the career ladder of the student in the future.

The main struggle that comes with online education is the acceptance of degree by the employers. There are many online institutes available that claims to offer online education of top-quality but who will investigate and give proof about the quality of educational services. Here come the role of accreditation bodies that are well reputed as there are many dubious accreditation bodies. Therefore, students must thoroughly investigate the credibility of the university by scrutinizing the accreditation status. An online university, Pacific Cambria University, is considered across the globe to be an accredited university as the University got its recognition from the concerned and approved accreditation agency. The accreditation status not only provides certificate to the quality of education for the time being but it offers its services in a longer run by sending recommendation regularly so that the University lives up to the international standards.

There is a perception among people that online education is a not interesting learning method as it is an independent type of learning without any fellow students and the presence of an instructor. The Pacific Cambria University has been investigating the innovative techniques to engage the students effectively in online learning. The instructors of the University continually interact with the students through discussion forums and social websites. More importantly, the instructors engage the students by asking questions in discussion threads, keeping them interactive which will eventually increase the motivation level of the students. The interaction not only limits to the instructor and students but fellow students also communicate with each pother frequently. The technique used to enhance communication between students is peer checking of the assignments which not only networking of the students but also give the chance to look at the solution of the assignment from others’ perspective.

This technique will improve communication skill and respect among the students as well as knowledge of the students. As many online students are working professionals so, the online institute has to ensure that their course content is related to real-world experiences so that the students achieve the desired technical skill that is relevant to their profession. Mature people are more likely to express that they find the typical paper-based theoretical system dull. To overcome this problem Pacific Cambria University has introduced activity based learning with the help of synchronous communication tools. Moreover, the university has adopted a strategy to know their student well through pre-course surveys. The surveys ask information relevant to their field, working experience, job responsibilities, and their expectations from the course. This information is used strategically to form teams for assignments, involving the students of same field having same interests in the same team so that they can give the efficient outcome.

There are many strategies and tools available now that makes the experience of online learning more interactive which was not possible a few years ago. The instructor must weekly conduct online sessions with the students so that they feel the presence of their supervisor. Students come from different backgrounds and have different pace of learning as every student learns in a different way, and the online institutes provide a variety of ways to enhance their dedication and interest.

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